Family photographer in PARIS

Family photographer in paris

What is a family? It’s a couple, it’s a baby to come, it’s a mother and her child, it’s cousins, grandparents, even friends … It’s up to you to decide !

A new baby on the way, a family reunion, cousin gatherings, or just the two of you wanting to enjoy yourselves ? These are all opportunities to gather and make that moment lasts forever with your family photographer in Paris.

Do you often take exclusive time for your family outside of birthdays and Christmas? Time flies faster than we think, it’s important to share time with your loved ones NOW ! 

Why hiring a family photographer in Paris  when you have your own smartphone in your pocket ? Because photos taken with your smartphone will end up forgotten and lost in your phone. Taking photos with your smartphone is like a black hole for lost memories. Your family photos deserve much better than being sandwiched between images of your last meal and the photo of that parking lot number you took to remember.

Hiring a photographer for a couple or family session is giving real value to what really matters.

And much more, it’s a unique opportunity really to spend time the people you love, which is something that doesn’t happen so often.

family photographer in paris, how it works ?

How will this session with your family photographer in paris will go ?

We meet wherever you want : in the streets, at Musée du Louvre ou any major location, in front of your hotel, in a park… I stay with you for an hour or more. You have fun and I take care of the rest.
A week later, when post processing is finished, you can discover and download (and share) your beautiful photos thru a private gallery.

Family photographer, what is the price ?


  • 1h max session
  • Post processing
  • 10 HD photos
  • All the photo included
  • Album


  • 1h30 max session
  • Post processing
  • All the photos included
  • Album


  • 1H30 max session
  • Post Processing
  • All the photo included
  • Album

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