paris wedding photographer - questions

Hiring a wedding photographer is something that we only do once in an entire life. We know more things about Planet Mars than wedding photography ! How does it work  ? How long do you stay  ? What’s your gear ? Photojournalism ok, but what about family portrait ? Let’s focus on all theses questions about a wedding photographer in France that you’re wondering.

1st of all, make yourself confortable, turn up the volume, go full screen. In 4 minutes you will know a little more.

The bad photographer has a camera, he clics the button… but it’s a bad photographer, you know. The good photographer, has a camera too, he clics the button… but the big difference is he’s a good photographer.
To be serious, I make photo report. It means that I take pictures on the fly, nothing is staged. Only real moments. I’m not a director, I consider that the best pictures are the ones that contains authentic moments, which are spontaneous and natural. This is the only way to have your own personal pictures, not the same than the previous wedding. 
For exemple I won’t stage anything, or even asking for a pose during preps, ceremony, and reception. If this is not what you want, you’d better leave this website and find someone else.
The most important is to tell your story, the story of your wedding, to tell things as they really happen. I have to catch every moment, every detail, every emotion. I do that in an artistic way : real moment in a beautiful frame.
Of course, if you want we can have portraits sessions, with family, bridal party…

I come at preps and stay with you until late, very late. Most of time until champagne glasses are starting “to dance”. Every moment needs to be on the pictures. A wedding is  much more that only a ceremony. That’s why i can’t work with hours based packages. It’s always different.

Yes. the person who is writing these words is the same than the one who is behind his camera. Of course if you want I can come with a second shooter or an assistant.

Yes. Every single picture will be manually post processed (colors, skin tones, contrasts, black and white….). It represents between 400 and 800 pictures according to your wedding (number of guest…). The pictures will be delivered to you 2 weeks after the wedding on personal web gallery password protected. 
The pictures you will get will be 100% free of copy right. You can download and share them to anybody, on social medias too,  and use them for personal purpose as you like.

I use only black cameras. Better than green or yellow.

Of course I can do that. Watching pictures printed on quality paper is much more enjoyable than on a screen. I work with Dreambooks Pro, a high end album manufacturers and I can propose you several options from 30×20 album to 40×30 genuine leather covered family pack.

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