real life behind magic

real life behind magic

A while ago I told myself that I needed a catch phrase. I had chosen “Beautiful people make beautiful stories”. And then I thought it sounds a bit cheesy. On the other hand photographers catch phrases are often cheesy: “memories keeper”, “the memory fixer”, or even “emotions transmitter” … All these words sound too cheesy and don’t really fit me.
Then asked myself the question of my way of working and it appeared to me.

Real Life Behind Magic.

I like authentic and true things, not simulated, not embellished. I realized that what I prefer in my wedding images are these moments. The real life. The real life that continues behind the magic of the day. Of course a wedding is magic. It’s a day like no other. Exceptional and majestic.
But should we only keep that ? What makes your day so special, what makes it unique and personal, is the unexpected. All these moments make your wedding unique and different from the others. Who would want a wedding that looks like any other ? Who would want the same photos as the wedding on the previous Saturday?
And that’s all I expect for you : make your wedding images look like you are. Let your images litterally tell your day, tell what really happened. Of course I could script everything and embellish every scene.
But would it still be the truth ? Could it be your real story ? My role as a documentary wedding photographer is to tell your story, not to write it.

Real Life Behind Magic.

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