who am i ?

who am I ?

Blabla mad about pictures, blabla my 1st camera, blabla holidays pictures… blabla my kids, my ca, my 1st car… OK you know this classic text, you can read the same on every wedding photographer in France biography. You can avoid my bio, I’m not sure it’s important.

I’m 30 years old (for more that 12 years) and the truth is I really love weddings. Some of my friends call me “mariageophile”, which is a french neologism that means “crazy about weddings” (true story). I think this is pretty true. I don’t really know where does it come from, maybe because I’ve never been invited at a wedding before I was 25, and since, weddings remained quite exotic for me. Who knows ?

Anyway, as a true photogeek, I became a wedding photographer in 2010. I promise you it’s not a deal to enjoy the buffet or flirt with the bridesmaids ! I’m just doing this job because it makes me feel good. OK, it’s a job with a lot of stake, (no mistake is allowed…), but no pain, no gain ! That’s stimulating. And then let’s be honest : I work in very good conditions, with beautiful and happy people in beautiful places. Much more fun than being a minor !
Every saturday I’m happy to go to work, without preconceived idea. I let myself be guided by the people I meet, the places I discover, the lights I see …

More infos:

Favorite number: 303
Color: any, but bright
Location: Ile d’Yeu, Pointe du But
Music: boom boom boom boom

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