Jewish Wedding in Les Pins Penchés on the French Riviera

Mayday Mayday ! This is today that kind of crazy wedding I love. Let’s go with C+C for a seaside wedding, in south of France. A jewish wedding in les Pins Penchés on the french Riviera. After the civil wedding in Paris few weeks before, C+C are going to south of France. The religious wedding takes place in Toulon, a wedding at les Pins Penchés. Let’s start with preps at Grand Hôtel Dauphiné. There are people everywhere ! The whole family is already there, the hairdresser and the make-up artists can’t have any break ! Once everyone is ready, we move to the other side of the bay of Toulon, at les Pins Penchés, the venue. The bride is getting dressed in one of the rooms of the venue. And it’s now time to go to the ceremony with her father. The ceremony is taking place under the palm trees, with breathtaking view on the Mediterranean sea. When you want a seaside wedding  you can not find a better place ! Great and fun atmosphere at the cocktail, prelude to the crazy party that is coming. And here we are. Things are getting crazy  from the very 1st minute. It’s often like that on Jewish weddings, but it still fascinates me. Almost 90 minutes of hard partying before meal. The guests are all at their maximum ! This collective energy is fascinating. The groom is losing his shirt ! After the main course, it’s time for speeches, but the wedding cake is arriving and the party’s starting again, even harder, until the end of the night. Venue: Les Pins Penchés in Toulon Hotel  for preps: Grand Hotel Dauphiné Hairstyle and Makeup: Daniel Chavey Thanks to my friend Thiebauld Ben Lahoussine who was my 5 stars second shooter.

If your planning to have your jewish wedding in Les Pins Penchés on the French Riviera, in Provence, or anywhere else, contact me :

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